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Perforated plasterboard _ kitchen and bathroom are not suitable

From the perspective of performance and aesthetics, gypsum board and aluminum gusset plate have their own advantages, while the kitchen and bathroom are the places where the household life is relatively humid. Which kind of material is suitable for the ceiling?
Due to the influence of the kitchen fumes and the moisture and odor of the bathroom, the cover panel of the bathroom cannot be gypsum board, mineral wool board or plywood which is easily deformed by moisture, but metal buckle board or plastic board should be used.we are perforated gypsum Ceiling for sale and galvanized steel channel for ceilings,you can know it. 
Unlike the living room and bedroom ceilings that mainly carry the decorative effect, the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom space is generally functional.
In addition to selecting the right materials and the correct construction process during the decoration process, attention should also be paid to the details during the acceptance, so as to reduce the trouble in the future.
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perforated gypsum Ceiling for sale and galvanized steel channel for ceilings