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Perforated plasterboard keeps home away from noise

Speaking of perforated gypsum board, many people may have never heard of this name, but if you mention the word perforated sound-absorbing gypsum board, then everyone will know more about it. As the name suggests, perforated gypsum board has many small holes in the surface of the panel to absorb sound, which helps the owners to live a noise-free home life.
1.What is a perforated plasterboard?
Perforated gypsum board, that is, perforated gypsum sound-absorbing board, refers to a cylindrical hole that penetrates the front and back of the gypsum board, and a gas-permeable backing material and a sound absorbing material capable of absorbing incident sound energy are attached to the back of the gypsum board. to make.
The sound absorption mechanism is that there are a large number of tiny connected pores inside the material, along which the sound waves can penetrate into the interior of the material, and friction with the material converts the acoustic energy into heat energy. The sound absorption characteristic of the porous sound absorbing material is that the sound absorption coefficient gradually increases as the frequency increases. The perforated gypsum sound absorbing panel is made by using such a sound absorbing principle, and is one of the currently suspended ceiling materials with good sound absorbing properties.
Second, the construction process of perforated gypsum board
1.Materials and tools needed:
Perforated gypsum board; Uniflott (special joint material); scraper; light steel keel and accessories; self-tapping screws; rubber roller.
2,cutting the perforated plate should pay attention to not destroy the bottom, you can use a knife or saw to cut. The edges should be slightly cut into bevels, sanded with a sanding machine and polished with a 40-degree fine sandpaper at a 45-degree angle. Use the primer to apply the edges. For the joint material to fully fill the seams of the board and the board, install the front side of the slab to double-sided chamfer.we are perforated gypsum Ceiling for sale and galvanized steel channel for ceilings,you can know it. 
3.The marking of the perforated plate. All the perforated plates arranged in a straight line and staggered form have red and blue marks on the sides. When the board is spliced ​​and installed, make sure that the red edge of one board corresponds to the blue side of the adjacent board. This rule applies to both long and short sides.
4,the control of the spacing, the use of straight lines and diagonal lines to control the regularity of the hole. Auxiliary borers should be used to control the distance of adjacent plates if needed. A 3mm slit should be left between the plates for seam treatment.
5.The longitudinal direction of the perforated plate should be perpendicular to the secondary keel. The irregular perforated plate is recommended to be installed with a wrong seam. When installing the perforated plate, it is not allowed to be seamed on the same keel.
6.Install the perforated plate: It is recommended to install 3 people; the perforated plate is installed from the middle of the ceiling, so first determine a center line. The board is installed in the order of installing the adjacent blocks on the long side and then installing the adjacent blocks on the short side.
7.Seam treatment: and thus installed in the fan-shaped divergence direction; the screws are fixed between the holes, the spacing is not more than 200mm; the screw should be slightly lower than the paper surface 0.5-1mm, the paper surface should not be damaged; the nail eye is made of special seam Material Uniflott treatment.
Third, the characteristics of perforated gypsum board ceiling
1.Excellent sound absorption, which can effectively control sound reflection.
2,imported professional sound-absorbing non-woven fabric, good acoustic performance, fixed on the back of the board to prevent falling dust.
3,the design of the curved edge, providing a smooth decorative effect.
4,the perforation size is high precision, can be made into a square hole design.
5,special high-strength fiber paper gypsum board, can still maintain high strength after perforation.
6.The gypsum board can be made into a curved surface with a small radius of 2m inside and a small radius of 3m.
7.Combustion performance: After the installation of gypsum board and light steel keel, it is Class A non-combustible material.
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