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perforated gypsum ceiling manufacturer

The ceiling is the exterior of the interior of the building. In the interior conception, the ceiling can write, paint and beautify the indoor environment and install chandeliers, light pipes, ceiling fans, skylights, air conditioning, and modify the indoor lighting and air circulation. It is a general term for whitewashed interior roofing materials. In the past, many traditional houses were made of straw mats, banquets, and wooden boards.
More modern building materials have been used along with advances in technology. Gypsum board home, decorative pattern, its color pattern is vivid, novel and elegant, high strength, easy to clean, easy to clean, can be used for whitewashing walls, siding and skirting boards, etc. It is an alternative to natural stone and liquid grindstone. The fantasy material, the standard practice is to evenly apply the fireproof coating on the keel surface, and the whole keel is white, and then nailed to the wall, and the place where the wall can be touched is also brushed to the fireproof coating.
In the past, people's impression of the ceiling was just to stop the "liquid mud of a white flower". It is not known that the ceiling is occupying an extremely important position in the family demolition.we are perforated gypsum Ceiling for sale, you can know it. 
In addition, the ceiling demolition and construction must also be used to decorate beams, columns, pipelines, heat insulation, sound insulation and so on. In addition, the ceiling is designed to be excellent and varied, each of which creates a different finish. When you are demolition of a new home, it is a good idea to give your room a ceiling.
The gypsum hollow slab is a kind of hollow slab which is made of building gypsum as the first material and is mixed with appropriate amount of lightly dig or fiber material.
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perforated gypsum Ceiling for sale