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What is the use of the ceiling?

In the past, people's impression of the ceiling was only on the "cement of white flowers and flowers". It is not known that the ceiling occupies an extremely important position in the decoration. In addition, the ceiling decoration also needs to cover the beam, column, pipeline, heat insulation, sound insulation and so on. In addition, the ceiling design is versatile, each of which creates a different decorative effect.we are perforated gypsum ceiling manufacturer and provide perforated gypsum ceiling tiles and galvanized steel furring channel you can know it. 
When you are renovating your new home, you may wish to change the ceiling of your room.
1,reserved light trough good lighting: This is the most basic function of the ceiling, a variety of lamps are hidden inside the ceiling, forming a reflective light source, creating a warm effect for the living room.
2,clean new sky: SMC ceiling gusset is currently the most popular ceiling decoration material, not only has a good moisture resistance, but also wipe with a touch cloth detergent. At present, SMC ceiling ceiling materials are also becoming popular. Its decorative effect is very good, and it is currently the most cost-effective ceiling decoration material.
3.Ceiling of large-area space: If the ceiling area is large, a more complicated ceiling can be designed to make the ceiling of the plane appear three-dimensional.
4,dialogue with the song: If you suspect that the existing decorative lines are too straight, too hard, you can design a ceiling with a flower pool, so that the visual effect of the room changes a little.
6.Classical white ceiling: The classical SMC ceiling is decorated on the ceiling, and the chandeliers with complicated shapes make the original empty ceiling rich.
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