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How to accept the RPC cover for ceiling popularity?

The final acceptance of the RPC cover is best to check the overall product quality by means of sampling inspection. Especially when making the contract, we must also specify the specifications of the RPC cover product that we need. Size and so on, this will have a certain effect on the future acceptance of the product!
If we find that the specifications of the material in the process of accepting this RPC cover product do not match our original requirements, we can ask for replacement, because at present, the RPC cover has many different product specifications, so it is best to At the beginning, we must understand these specifications, although the specifications of the RPC cover products are not particularly large at present, but if the tolerances are within the allowable range, then the construction will be carried out in the future. There are also many difficult problems in the process!we are perforated gypsum ceiling manufacturer and provide perforated gypsum ceiling tiles you can know it.
I hope that when you choose this RPC cover product at the beginning, you must plan the overall specifications and plan according to the requirements of the drawings, especially to follow the designer's opinion, because the architect currently covers the RPC. The board product also has some requirements. Then we should look at the architect's drawings when selecting the architect's drawings. If you want to buy some RPC cover products in batches, it is best to ask the designer. Opinions to see what its tolerance requirements are, which can help us to purchase specifications that are more compatible with RPC cover products.
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