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Ceiling manufacturers introduce ceiling materials

Regarding the materials of the ceiling, the market is very chaotic, and everything is there. Some manufacturers will introduce and tout their own products in order to sell their own products. This is the last thing we want to see. For everyone to introduce, how to choose materials.we are perforated gypsum ceiling manufacturer and provide perforated gypsum ceiling tiles you can know it.
Generally, there are two kinds of materials on the market, SMC decorative board and gypsum board. The following is a detailed analysis of them. First, the SMC decorative board is extruded.
It has the characteristics of waterproof anti-condensation cream, anti-virus and anti-bacteria, wear-resisting, anti-aging, good sound insulation and sound insulation, heat preservation and moisture proof, insect proof and fire prevention.
Mainly used in hospitals, private clubs, hotels, office buildings and various door, decorative exterior walls, home decoration and so on.
Followed by gypsum board, it is also the most widely used ceiling decoration material in China's current home decoration. Mainly used in various styling ceilings.
Ceiling manufacturers introduce green home improvement
Green home improvement includes three basic links: scientific design, environmentally friendly building materials, standard construction, green supervision, quality supervision and appropriate flowers. Among them, environmentally friendly building materials are the core and the first key; design and construction are the second key.
I.Material acceptance and acceptance (1) The acceptance procedure must be strict: the acceptance party should perform necessary inspections on each material agreement specified in the contract, such as material quality, material specifications, and quantity of materials. (2) The acceptance party specified in the contract shall sign the acceptance form: if the inspection result material is qualified, the acceptance party shall sign the material acceptance form. This is a more complete process.
Second, the renovation of the mid-term project acceptance · Lighting circuit laying should comply with the regulations, sockets, lighting switches, general gates, leakage switches, etc. must have a certain height, kitchen, air conditioning to lay special lines, TV antennas and telephone lines must be installed in a convenient location .
Drainage should be smooth, no leakage, backflow and water accumulation, high-grade water parts without pinching and wiping. · The new wall should be vertical, the horizontal plane of the brick should be the same, the joints should be even and tidy, the brick joint should not exceed 1mm, and the overall error of the ceramic tile should not exceed 0.8cm.
The overall production error of the flat ceiling is not more than 0.5, the board-to-board gap is not more than 0.3mm; the plastic ceiling error is not more than 0.5mm. ·The wooden sealing line, corner line and waist line panel should not exceed 0.2mm, the angle between the line and the line should not exceed 0.3mm, the veneer and the plate should not exceed 0.2mm, and the sliding surface error should not exceed 0.3. Mm.
The paint should be smooth, feel good, no cracks in the scan, no color difference and nail holes within one meter. ·The wall surface is straight and straight, there is no obvious convexity and chromatic aberration within one meter, which is used to touch the ash. The construction quality is related to the quality of the construction team; it is also related to the unit price of the construction project.
The best way is to sign a contract between the two parties before the start of construction, to clarify the renovation requirements and acceptance criteria.
Third, the acceptance of the late decoration
1.Acceptance of mason
(1)Whether the brick surface is flat or not inclined.
(2)Whether the brick surface gap is uniform.
(3)Whether the washroom, balcony and floor drain kitchen floor tiles have sufficient self-drainage inclination.
(4) Whether the brick surface has broken and collapsed angles.
(5)Whether the direction of the tile is correct or not.
(6)Whether the position of the tile and waist line is correct, there is no deviation or height error.
2,the acceptance of woodworking
(1)Whether the structure is straight. Whether horizontal or vertical, the correct woodworking practice should be straight.
(2)Whether the corner is accurate. Normal corners are 90 degrees, with the exception of special design factors. 
(3) Whether the mosaic is strict and accurate. Proper wooden parquet, to be seamless or to maintain a uniform separation distance.
(4)Whether the curvature and roundness are smooth and smooth. In addition to a single, multiple identical shapes also ensure consistent shape.
(5)Whether the cabinet door switch is normal. When the door is opened, it should be light and free of noise. 
(6)There should be no gaps in the fixed wall of the cabinet.
(7 Whether the woodworking project is broken. The surface of the woodworking project should be level and free of drums or breaks.
(8)Whether the symmetry woodworking project is symmetrical.
(9)Whether the decorative panel nails have been repaired. Of course, this is the work of the painter, but because it exists in the woodworking project, it is mentioned here.
(10)Whether the ceiling of the ceiling is smooth, whether there is obvious deviation and deformation. 
(11)Whether the anchor line is installed straight and off the ground.
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