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Ceiling function

1, functional analysis and not to mention that the most basic function of the factory ceiling is to achieve refrigeration and heating, but the ceiling is different, the factory ceiling can be used according to the fresh air system, to achieve outdoor and outdoor gas exchange to ensure the freshness of the gas and Cleanliness.we are perforated gypsum ceiling manufacturer,you can know it.
2, air supply comfort factory ceiling with wide air, clean, not easy to cause heat dead angle and temperature difference, outdoor constant temperature comfort, and the overall disc spring air supply area is not easy to prevent the generation of heat dead angle, outdoor temperature and temperature The difference is not uniform, and the comfort is not too high.
3. From the outside, the ceiling will inevitably damage most of the house's decoration style, and the factory ceiling adopts the cover installation method, which can be better combined with the living decoration, and is suitable for any style.
4, energy consumption The factory installed a few integrated disc springs, while the energy consumption at the same time is not low, and the factory ceiling is not very different.
5, clean up the cost of the ceiling cleaning is very random, basically you just need to clean the filter often.
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