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Ceiling decoration attention points

First, the living room ceiling decoration
The ceiling decoration of the living room is more complicated and diverse than several other living rooms. The living room is the most important room in a house, and its decoration energy is also the most.we are ceiling tiles chinese supplier,you can know it.
This style is common in the ceiling of the living room. The ceiling is decorated with a rectangular frame and neon lights are embedded. The center of the rectangular frame is the highlight of the entire bedroom.
Second, the restaurant ceiling decoration
Usually, the restaurant is connected to the living room. Even if it is not connected, the restaurant is also the most important place except for the bedroom. Because Chinese culture is good at eating, everyone pays attention to the meal and pays attention to the dinner.
Therefore, the ceiling decoration of the restaurant is relatively complicated. The ceiling decoration style of the restaurant is varied. The main style is to make a simple and clear ceiling. Place several small shining lights on the ceiling and place neon lights on several sidelines of the ceiling. Of course, the most important thing is to highlight the restaurant. Elegant.
Processing analysis
The main surface treatment of the ceiling is: laminating, rolling and spraying, of which the laminating board is the best.
The market has a lot of ceiling surface treatment, also called film, but it is a kind of film in China. The formed plate is called plastic coated film. There is also a pearl plate, the surface looks like a laminate, but it is not a film at all. It is only used in the spray coating to add pearlescent powder to the paint for spraying. This kind of board is prone to chromatic aberration, and it usually changes color after two or three years.
The roll-coated board is a composite metal sheet with a primer and a topcoat on the front and a painted back.
Spray plate surface flow
Semi-finished products - degreasing - cleaning - chromizing - drying (cooling) - electrostatic powder coating - curing, cooling - lower parts and inspection - packaging into the warehouse.
The surface of the sprayed board with good market surface is sprayed with “epoxy resin” electrostatic powder. The adhesion is grade 1, the gloss is 18 degrees, no color difference, no bubbles, no particles, and weather resistance (indoor 10)
The good spraying plate is passivated before spraying on the surface. Any part of the surface is crossed with a sharp blade to draw a small grid of 1MM*1MM. It is peeled off with a medical tape, the coating does not fall off, and the surface is washed 100 times without damage.
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