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How about aluminum ceiling?

There are many ways to decorate the house, so we choose the one that suits us. For example, there are many types of ceiling decoration design. The different types give us different effects. Now the most used is the aluminum ceiling, so how about the aluminum ceiling? What about the types of aluminum ceilings?we are provide aluminum ceiling lay in,we can guarantee the quality of aluminum ceiling lay in.
1.Is the aluminum ceiling good?
1.Excellent surface coating performance. The high-quality aluminum gusset plate is made of high-quality paint. It is coated by imported automatic high-speed coating line. The board surface is flat, no color difference, strong coating adhesion, acid, alkali and salt spray erosion. The paint does not fall off, the service life is more than 20 years, and the maintenance is convenient. It only needs to be rinsed with water to be clean as new.
2.In fact, if properly selected and designed, aluminum ceilings can bring good results to every space in the home. In contrast, aluminum ceilings are lighter and more durable than other materials such as plasterboard. The house has been living for a long time, and it may encounter the problem of drowning on the roof. In the wet season and place, the roof will crack and “peel” due to the erosion of water vapor, but the aluminum ceiling will not have these problems. . Therefore, people often leave the aluminum ceiling in a large space of water vapor.
Ceiling decoration precautions
1.Use light steel keels as much as possible when wood keels can be used or light steel keels can be used. This is because the wood shrinks and shrinks, which easily leads to structural deformation. Pay attention to the expansion joints during design and construction. Each joint should have a expansion joint and be inverted at a 45-degree angle to avoid stress accumulation. The light steel keel or wood keel is installed flat and the spacing is standard.
2,the self-tapping screws should be evenly distributed to ensure that each self-tapping screw is close to the force, otherwise it will easily form a side-locking reaction to make the structure lose stability and produce deformation cracks. If the space of your house is high, the room for ceiling type selection is relatively large, such as gypsum sound-absorbing panel ceiling, fiberglass cotton board ceiling, plywood ceiling, etc. These ceilings are both beautiful and have noise reduction functions. .
3. If the height is very low, even less than 2.5m, then it is not suitable for large-scale ceilings, but it can be suspended in a small area. For example, a circle of 10 to 20 cm wide and 10 to 18 cm high is placed around the room, and the upward illumination is built in, while the middle part is kept at the original height and painted with paint.
aluminum ceiling lay in