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How to judge whether the quality of rock wool ceiling is good or bad

As people's requirements for the built environment are getting higher and higher, not only the building materials are required to be strong and beautiful, but also it has the effect of sound absorption. Rock wool ceiling, also known as rock wool acoustic ceiling.we are provide plain ceiling grid,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of plain ceiling grid.
This total material is now more and more used in building decoration, because of its good characteristics, to provide people with a more suitable living environment.
Rockwool ceilings are an excellent plate and, in addition, have an aesthetic effect, so they are very popular on the market. So how do I tell if the rockwool ceiling on the market is good or bad?
1. Pay attention to its material characteristics, excellent rock wool ceiling, the material is very important, to ensure that the material is excellent, to see if the distribution is uniform, with or without impurities, to fundamentally guarantee the quality level.
2. The excellent rock wool ceiling has good appearance, smooth, clean, uniform color and high aesthetics. The defects of the rock wool ceiling surface will affect the performance and decorative effect of the board.
3. Excellent rock wool ceiling not only has good sound absorption and sound insulation, but also has certain fire and moisture resistance effects and high safety. One can use this to judge the quality level of rock wool ceilings.
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