PVC gypsum ceiling tiles

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Designs & Price

We could provide hundreds of surface designs, here under are just some popular patterns, if you need other designs, please just send us message.

Product Details

The pvc gypsum ceiling tiles are a combination of plaster board produced from high quality natural gypsum which is free of any harmful substances,selected anti static PVC /Vinyl facing and aluminum PET foil and excellent kind of glue plaster. The product is available in various attractive designs suitable for different applications and usages.

Our pvc gypsum ceiling tiles selling to Middle East, ,South Africa,UAE, Iraq, Iran etc. and very popular .There are two types of pvc gypsum board in our production line : white pvc gypsum board and color pvc gypsum board.

  • Material of pvc gypsum ceiling

    Good quality paper aced gypsum board ,surface is imported or domestic PVC film,back is aluminum Foil. It’s Made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a layer of pvc on surface and aluminum foil on back. (Gypsum, PVC and aluminum foil are all 100% environmental friendly materials with character of water proof and fire proof.)

  • PVC gypsum board specification

    Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Designs
    6.5/ 7.0/ 7.5/ 8.0/ 8.5/ 9.0/ 9.5/ 10.0/ 10.5/ 11.0/ 11.5/ 12.0/ 12.5 Paper faced gypsum board is mainly made of high-purity gypsum powder and protective paper,mixing with fiber ,modified starch ,coagulant agent ,vesicant and water .which are easy to mixed ,formed ,coagulated ,cut ,dried and sliced into light construction material .
  • Advantages

    -light weight
    -damp proof
    -heating insulation
    -easy to operate(swan ,nailed ,or milled) and disassemble

    Pvc gypsum ceiling tiles is widely applied in industrial and civil construction ,especially widely used as interior wall ,less loading wall ,ceiling etc in high building.