Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

  • Designs & Price
  • Specifications & Features
  • Production Process & National Standard

Designs & Price

Our company has exported ceiling tiles for over 13 years. Till now we can produce more than 18 kinds pattern of mineral fiber ceiling tiles. Those products provide light reflectance and sound control, which is a durable, versatile choice for many environments:

Offices - Healthcare - Retail&Hospitality- Corridors- Auditorium,Cafeteria- Theaters- Libraries- Lounges- Shops- Canteens etc.

Our mineral tiles can be recycled and reused and are fabricated using advanced technology and quality raw material. They are marketable in many countries,such as Middle East, Africa, Europe, United States, Australia etc. Here under are our ceiling designs, click them to see large pictures. Use our convenient online quote system to get the latest price now.

  • 3510


  • Back mineral fiber ceiling

    Back mineral fiber ceiling

  • Big worm

    Big worm

  • Cubic Linear

    Cubic Linear

  • Cubic Square

    Cubic Square

  • False sand

    False sand

  • Fine Fissured

    Fine Fissured

  • Hole1


  • Hole2


  • Litter star

    Litter star

  • Pin hole

    Pin hole

  • Punching


  • Real sand

    Real sand

  • Star B

    Star B

  • Worm2


  • Worm4


  • WormA


Product Specifications & Features

Product Item Panel Size Edge Profiles NRC CAC LR Fire Class Color RC
GTY 600X600X10MM Square Edge
0.55-0.70 35 0.86 Class A White/Black 66-83%
GTY 600X600X12MM Tegular Edge
0.55-0.70 35 0.86 Class A White/Black 66-83%
GTY 600X600X15MM Mic-Tegular Edge
0.55-0.70 35 0.86 Class A White/Black 66-83%
GTY 600X600X16MM Shadowline
0.55-0.70 35 0.86 Class A White/Black 66-83%
GTY 600X600X17MM Interline
0.55-0.70 35 0.86 Class A White/Black 66-83%
GTY 600X600X19MM Besk
0.55-0.70 35 0.86 Class A White/Black 66-83%

Material: High Quality Mineral Wool
Surface coating: Vinyl Emulsion Paint
Thermal Conductivity: <=0.065W/mk

Environment protection:No asbestos
RH(Humidity Resistance):Above 90%
Sound Insulation Grade: 30Min Good acoustical performance
Fine texture surface for a clean and contemporary look

Ceiling tiles Production Process & National Standards

  • Check the diagram below you will know how ceiling tiles are produced.

  • The national quality inspection standard of mineral fiber ceiling tiles

    1.Appearance quality:
    The front should not this items affect the decorative effect : the scratch, color different, pattern is not complete etc. Products should not have cracks, damage, distortion, which can’t effect the decoration.

    2.Size tolerance:
    Length of a/mm 0.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2
    Width a/mm 0.5
    Thickness of /mm 0.5 + 1 + 0.5
    Right angle deviation = 1/1000 = 2/1000 = 3/1000
    (A is the actual size)

    3.Combustion performance:
    Should meet the requirements of GB 8624-1997 B1 in the level, the performance requirements of up to Alevel of products, the two sides agreed by the supplyer and buyer.

    4.Moisture deflection:
    Wet absorption plate of the moisture deflection should be no more than 3.5mm The dry absorption plate of moisture deflection should be less than 1.0mm