Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles

Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles

The Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles are manufactured from high density fiberglass wool.The visible face has a decorative fiberglass tissue and the back of the tile is covered with normal tissue.The four edges are sealed and square.The tiles will be parallel to grids system after installation.

Style: Square /Tegular/Insert

Pattern: White Spray /Black Spray/White Painted/Mix Acoustic

Main characteristic:

Excellent sound insulation


Light weight and no sagging,wrapping or delaminating

Green eco-friendly building material

Application :

It is recommended that the panels be installed to the opposite two walls to control the echo of the surroundings,the Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles are widely used in hotels,meeting rooms, auditoriums,music rooms,libraries, etc.where have special request for sound absorption.

Loading capacity

Size Thickness Packing Loading Quantity
600x600 12mm 25PCS/CTN 13300PCS/532CTNS/4788SQM
600x1200 6650PCS/266CTNS/4788SQM
600x600 15mm 20PCS/CTN 10640PCS/532CTNS/3830.4SQM
600x1200 5320PCS/266CTNS/3830.4SQM
600x600 20mm 15PCS/CTN 7980PCS/532CTNS/2872.8SQM
600x1200 3990PCS/266CTNS/2872.8SQM
600x600 25mm 12PCS/CTN 6384PCS/532CTNS/2298.2SQM
600x1200 3192PCS/266CTNS/2298.2SQM
Other size to order: 600x1800 600x2400 1200x1200(mm)

Installation method:

1. Use grids,which size 15mm or 24mm

2. Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles are easy to trim and install

3. Both imperial and metric grids are avaliable

Sound absorption: test according EN ISO354:2003 EN ISO 11654:1997

EN ISO354:2003 EN ISO11654:1997

Technical data

Main Material Torrefaction compounded high density fiberglass wool
Face Special painted laminated with decorative fiberglass tissue
Design White spray/white paint/black spray/colorful as demanded
Fire-Resistant CLASS A,tested by SGS(EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009)
CLASS A,tested by national authoritative departments(GB8624-2012)
NRC 0.8-0.9 tested by SGS ( EN ISO354:2003 ENISO 11654:1997)
0.9-1.0 tested by national authoritative departments
Thermal-Resistant  》=0.4(㎡.k)/w
Humidity                Dimensionally stable with RH up to 90% at 40℃ No sagging,warpping or delaminating
Moisture rate 《=1%
Environmental impact Tiles and packing are fully recyclable
Safety Limit of radionuclides in building materials
Specific activity of 226 Ra: Ira<=1.0
Specific activity of 226 Ra,232th,40K:Irs<=1.3
Certificates SGS CE
Normal size 600X600 600X1200,other size to order
Normal density     100kg/m³,special density can be supplied
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  • Fiberglass-Ceiling-Tiles
  • Fiberglass-Ceiling-Tiles