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Fiber Cement Siding Board is in a unique composite of natural fiber and cement, and adopts the international advanced technology and procedure. It is a 100% asbestos free environment-friendly wall panel.


Cement, Tobermorite crystals, natural fiber,Quartz sand (100% non-asbestos)

Fiber Cement Board Specifications:

Size: 1200mm x 2400mm; 1220mm x 2440mm

Thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 18mm-30mm

Packing:Standard wooden pallets or in bulk

Delivery Detail:10-20 days after deposit or L/C issued

Fire insulation: Non-combustible category A, the plate won't burn once the hearth happens, it'll not turn out hepatotoxic fumes; the physical phenomenon is low, it's a perfect insulation material.
Waterproof and moisture-proof: within the semi-open air and high humidness atmosphere, it will maintain stable performance while not sag or deformation.
Thermal insulation: low thermal physical phenomenon, smart thermal insulation properties, high product density and smart sound insulation.
Light weight and high strength: The sheet ironed by the 5000-ton flat mechanical press not solely has high strength, however is also challenging to be misshapen and warped; the load is tiny and appropriate for roofing and different aspects.
Simple construction: dry operation mode, straightforward installation and fast construction of keel and plate. Deep-processed merchandise also are characterised by straightforward construction and superior performance.
Economical and beautiful: light-weight weight, with the keel, effectively cut back the value of engineering and decoration; the looks of the colour is uniform, the surface is flat, direct use will build the building surface color uniform.
Safe and harmless: less than the national “radiation health protection standards for building materials”, the measured indicators square measure capable the field price twenty meters aloof from the encompassing buildings.
Long life: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no harm from wetness or insects, and strength and hardness increase with time, guaranteeing an especially long service life.
Good process and secondary decoration performance: in line with the particular state of affairs, sawing, drilling, engraving, drilling, painting, pasting ceramic tiles, wall coverings and different materials.
Application vary
Cement fiberboards square measure employed in a large vary of applications. Sheets is used for ceiling materials and may be perforated as sound interesting ceilings. typical slabs is used for wall and or ornamental materials, indoor (toilet) partition curtain wall lining, composite wall panels, outside billboards, metallurgy, furnace insulation panels, electrical distribution cupboards, electrical device partitions, etc. is used as LOFT steel floor panels, attic panels, exterior wall insulation panels, exterior wall panels, etc.
Recommended location:
Commercial buildings: business buildings, amusement venues, looking malls, hotels
Industrial buildings: factories, warehouses, tunnels
Residential building: new home, renovation and renovation
Public places: hospitals, theaters, stations.

Technical data:








Thermal conductivity



Water absorption



Water contain



Moisture movement




No cracking or delaminating

25 times of freeze-thaw cycles

Non-water soaking

No Water Forms after being tested

24 hours


GB 8624-2006A1


Bending strength

Oven dry







Full water condition







Impact resistance

Oven dry

No continuous cracking after one impact


Remark: please contact our technical department if you need more technical index.



1.Environment friendly

2.Fire proof


4.Resistant to insect and termite

5.Light weight & high strength

6.Easy working

7.Easy decoration

8.Small deformation coefficient

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