Fiber Cement Board

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Fiber Cement Board Description

Fiber Cement Siding Board is in a unique composite of natural fiber and cement, and adopts the international advanced technology and procedure. It is a 100% asbestos free environment-friendly wall panel.


Cement, Tobermorite crystals, natural fiber,Quartz sand (100% non-asbestos)

Fiber Cement Board Specifications:

Size: 1200mm x 2400mm; 1220mm x 2440mm

Thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 18mm-30mm

Packing:Standard wooden pallets or in bulk

Delivery Detail:10-20 days after deposit or L/C issued

Technical data:
Item Index Unit
Density ≥1.25 g/cm³
Thermal conductivity ≤0.3 W/(m·k)
Water absorption ≤38 %
Water contain ≤10 %
Moisture movement ≤0.25 %
Anti-freezing No cracking or delaminating 25 times of freeze-thaw cycles
Non-water soaking No Water Forms after being tested 24 hours
Incombustibility GB 8624-2006A1 /
Bending strength Oven dry Parallel ≥16.0 Mpa
Cross ≥11.0 Mpa
Full water condition Parallel ≥10.0 Mpa
Cross ≥7.0 Mpa
Impact resistance Oven dry No continuous cracking after one impact /
Remark: please contact our technical department if you need more technical index.

Fiber Cement Board Product Advantage:

1. Environment friendly

Fiber Cement Siding Board is the 100% non -asbestos product. During using, our board will not produce any toxic gas and radiation.

2. Fire proof

Fiber Cement Siding Board is fire resistance material. When fire happens ,not only the place occurs the fire, but also the place fire spreads to will be damaged and will bring loss, therefore, the fire resistance of outer wall is very important. Calcium silicate board is with excellent fire resistance character. In addition, it will be not causing crack and stratification after fire.

3. Anticorrosive

Fiber Cement Siding Board is without any growth condition for fungus, and it will not be mildew in any circumstance.

4. Resistant to insect and termite

Under 11pa steam curing, the Fiber Cement Siding Board is hardening. Its own structural property decides that the insect and termite can’t survive in the board.

5. Light weight & high strength

The wall, hang ceiling or other structural parts, which is made of board and profile, when using the Fiber Cement siding board, it will be with superiority of light weight and high strength.

6. Easy working

The installation of board is dry construction, which is fast. It is can be installed with ordinary wood working tool.The board is easy to be processed.

7. Easy decoration

Various decorative processing can be made for the board surface, such as coating materials or all kinds of adhesive.

8. Small deformation coefficient

The materials of Fiber Cement Siding Board are cement, quartz-flour, natural xylem fiber and other minerals. Under high temperature autoclave, the calcium from the cement and the silicate from the quartz flour will react to form a new crystal tobermorite. It will harden within 24 hours after molding, therefore the shape of board is steady and deformation coefficient is small.

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