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  • Grooved Ceiling Grid

  • Grooved Ceiling Grid,ceiling Suspension System,quick And High Efficient,our Product Are Available At Most Reasonable Prices.


This unique, economical and simply installed ceiling grid system provides a monolithic ceiling look with every benefit of a standard exposed grid. We can offer 6 kinds of ceiling grids,they are Plain t grid,Fut t ceiling,Black lined t grid,Grooved T grid,Coating system,T37 system. We have been in grid business for more than 16 years,hope our products and professional service can make you satisfied.

Ceiling grid which is standard galvanized steel strip and painted steel strip (usually white).The surface with beautiful appearance, rustproof, non-corroding, fire-resistant, high intensity, high toughness, convenient application and easy installation
Specifications:(Other size we can customized for you)
Thickness::0.25mm;0.28mm ;0.3mm; 0.35mm; 0.4mm
Plain ceiling grid/Black-line ceiling grid/Coating system:
Main tee:32X24X3600/3000MM;32X15X3000MM
Cross tee:26X24X1200MM;32X15X1200MM
Cross tee:26X24X600MM;32X15X600MM
Grooved ceiling grid:
Main tee:32X15X3000MM
Cross tee:32X15X1200MM
Cross tee:32X15X600MM
Fut ceiling grid:
Main tee:32X24X3600/3660MM
Cross tee:26X24X1200/1220MM
Cross tee:26X24X600/610MM
T37 system:
Main tee:35X37X3600/3660MM
Cross tee:35X37X1200/1220MM

Wall angle:
Product Application
ceiling grid product is the indispensable building decoration material used in the ceiling suspension system. It is applied for the installation of various ceiling panels like miner fiber board, gypsum board, PVC gypsum board and so on

Features and benefits
- Reveal accommodates partition attachments and pendant-mounted light fixtures
- Mitered intersections offer a clean, tailored appearance
- Meets or exceeds all national code requirements
- Optional integrated air diffuser
- Accepts metal ceiling panels for ceiling-area accents without changing grid system
- Custom color available
- Standard components available in Imperial and Metric sizes

we are perforated gypsum Ceiling for sale,you can know it. 

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